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Every streaming service ( Hulu , Roku , firestick and others) recommends changing password frequently due to security issues. Sometimes following this recommendation becomes troublesome for users. It is difficult to remember passwords when you keep changing them frequently. Consider this scenario; you remember the last password you were using and try signing up with it. But, forgot that you have changed it recently and also what was it. Not to worry, such situations are common.

All streaming services provide a password recovery option to deal with such situations. Here we will discuss the scenario with  Sling service. Even if you forgot your password; Sling remembers it. It will not tell you the exact password but allow you to set a new password. This way you can access your account again. Let’s have a detailed look on Sling password recovery method:

To recover your forgotten password make sure you meet either of the two requirements:

You have an alternate sling account address in your Sling account. If you don’t have, you can’t add it know (you don’t have access.)
You haven’t logged into your account from last 5 days.
If you don’t satisfy either of the above conditions, wait for five days and then follow the recovery method mentioned below.

Go to Sling login page.
Click on "Forgot password?"
The Account support page will open and prompt you to type your full sling id. Enter it and click "Next."

You will now be asked a number of questions to confirm your identity. These are necessary to ensure that you are the authentic owner of this sling account. You can click on "Try a different question" when you don’t know the answer. Questions will include the security question you provided while sign up, recovery option (text message or alternate sling id), the month when you have created your Sling account etc. Try to answer them as appropriately as you can for quick recovery.

Once you recover access to your Sling account, add recovery email address or phone number (if you haven’t) immediately. If you are still not able to regain access, sling customer service number at Contact for sling Support, a third party sling support provider. Here, you will get access to 24 hours services and can talk with experts through toll-free numbers. Email and live chat options are also available. Dedicated services are provided to users across the globe including those from remote locations.

The professionals who guide you through the recovery process are certified and experienced. Information of your account and data therein will not be shared with anyone without your consent.Thus, to help you here, there is password recovery feature.

Sling Customer Service Number

Recovering the Sling account is very easy if the steps are followed correctly. Deleting the account first and then recovering the account again is a safe procedure to recover the account when the password is lost. Once a Sling account is deleted then there are only 2 business days to recover the account. Follow the steps for proper recovery of the Sling account:

Step 1: Visit the Sling Password Assistance page. Select the option "I’m having problem signing in" option. Enter the deleted sling address and click "Continue".

Step 2: Enter the last password remembered and click "Continue".

Step 3: In the next page click on the link to recover the request form.

Step 4: Complete the verification process. Enter the email address to be accessed, answer the password related questions and the last account access. The information is used to verify the identity of the owner.

Step 5: Sling will send an email now with the link to reset the password. Once the password is reset the deleted account will be resurrected successfully.

Take the help of sling customer service number if there is any problem in recovering the deleted account.

How to recover Sling account password without phone number?

Sling account password recovery process is very easy and swift. User verification is the most important step in recovering the Sling account and that’s why the phone number and the alternate sling account address are taken at the time of account registration. Follow the steps for the recovery of the Sling account:

Step 1: Click on the "Forgot Password?" link and then select the option "I don’t know my password".

Step 2: Next click on "I don’t know" and enter the last password.

Step 3: Click on "I can’t access" and then choose the option for Sling verification.

Step 4: sling send a mail with the password reset in the alternate sling id address. Access that email and click on the password reset link.