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Support with Twitter

If you are having problems with the Twitter app Touch device, these troubleshooting instructions should support.

For the most excellent experience using the Twitter for iOS app, believe upgrading your iOS device to the newest operating system. If your device is still using inferior, your Twitter app may not inform to more new report.

Facing troubleshooting installion the newest Twitter for app?

If you are facing problem installion the newest Twitter for app, ensure to observe how much space is available on your phone.

Go to your device is Settings.

Tap General.
Under practice, you can see how much memory is obtainable on your device.

If your device has fewer than 130 MB available, you may require to uninstall other application to obvious space.

Once you have additional space available, try downloading the application another time.

If you have sufficient space available and you are motionless facing problem installing the application.

Cancel the download in the iTunes Application Store, then restart the download.

If restarting the download does not work, attempt power off your mobile and then restarting it.

If restarting your mobile does not work, try uninstalling the Twitter application from your mobile. After it is uninstalled, restart mobile and then reinstallation the Twitter application from the Application Store.

If you are still facing problem, make sure iTunes help for tips to troubleshooting download errors.
 Facing problem with the Twitter for application?

occasionally turn to your mobile off and then on another time can clear up any problems. If you havve tried that and it did not work, under is a list of other troubleshooting methods.

Erase your account from the application and log back in.

attempt removing and then readding your account to the application. If you havve enabled signin verification on your account, be certain to store a backup code before removing your account from the application.

To erasse your account from Settings:

Go to your device's Settings.
Tap on Twitter.
Tap on the account that requirements to be removed.
Select Delete Account.
this will not disable your account, rather this will only remove the account from the application, successfully loging it out of the application.
To put in your account back to the application.
Open the Twitter application.
Tap log in.
Enter your username, phone number or email id and password.
Tap Done.

If you have forgotten your account's password or are facing problem signing back in, reset your password from your mobile.