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Kindle has been at the front position of e-readers which boast a moveable extent and Android operating system. It enables customers to surf, purchase, and download numerous magazines, e-books etc. onto their computer. The hardware is also created by Amazon and the e-reader has gained a lot famous in the latest years.

although being regularly updated to be associated with any typesof  Windows updates, Kindle is known for connectivity issues. There were some cases where Kindle say no to be connected with the operating system after it was improved to the newest build it does not attach in total. The workarounds for this error are fairly easy. We will go from side to side them one by one starting from the simplest.

Kindle is first and foremost connected to all types of Windows using a USB cable. There are two way of USB cables. one way is simply help charging and the other helps charging as well as data transfer. You should build sure that you have the latter type and the USB cable is not broken in any mode. Try using different USB cables to attach to your computer.  You can also attempt other USB cables which come with mobile.

If the connection still is not starting, try plugging the USB cable onto the rear of your PC  or attempt plugging in dissimilar slots at the front. Before you go on to the other resolutions, be totally certain that the issue is not that of USB ports and cables.

Solution 2: change your Kindle connection
In this answer, we will attempt change the method your Kindle is connected to PC. These change steps will merely work if the USB cable you are using is working completely so make certain that you go through answer 1. There are some tweak reported by customers which effort for them.
join Kindle to a working USB port on PC and turn off your Kindle entirely. Now turn it back on and see if the PC  detects the hardware. To regenerate Kindle, press and hold the power button for  40 seconds. If the restart method obtains initiated, let go it.

attach Kindle to computer and open your Kindle. Slide down to make known the sliding menu and you will see link options in the notification bar. Set the option “Connect as camera”. As absurd this sounds, this technique solved the issue for a number of customers.

You can utilize Calibre to connect Kindle to your computer . Turn off computer and Kindle and separate all the cables attached. After turning your computer back on, open Calibre and connect Kindle to computer. Turn on Kindle now and see if the connection is winning.
Make sure that the PIN verification is turned off Kindle. There is an option in Kindle which provides an additional layer of safety. You can also disable the feature in total or make certain that you enter your PIN when connection.

an extra workaround is to allow Android Debug Bridge (ADB) on your Kindle. You can attempt both (disabling and enabling) and see which one fixes the issue for you. You can simply change this setting by navigating to Settings  tab > Device tab > Turn ADB on and off.
You can also attempt connecting Kindle using a USB hub.

Make sure the newest version of the Kindle application is installed on Kindle. Kindle customers this to connect to your PC.

Solution 3: Installing Kindle as an MTP device.

It is likely that Kindle is not properly installed on your PC. every time you plug in a device, Windows repeatedly detects the kind of device and attempts at installing the default drivers for it. occasionally Windows does not do this right and this causes the connection problem under discussion. We can navigate to the device manager and attempt fixing this error.

Press Windows + R, type “dsevmgmt.msc” in the conversation box and press Enter.
one time in the device manager, get bigger the category “Portable device”. Either this or Kindle will be listed as a device with a little yellow exclamation mark. Right-click it and select Update driver.
Select the second option “Browse my PC for driver software”.

Now choose the option “Let me pick from a list of available drivers for PC”.
choose Portable Devices and search throughout the list until you get the MTP driver. You can uncheck “simply show compatible drivers” to find a better list. Restart PC after applying the changes and check if the issue is solved.

If even now your PC  does not detect Kindle, attempt connecting the tablet to one more PC and see if the connection is successful. Also, you can move files using wireless if the connection is not establishing.

Disabling USB Selective Suspend

lots of customers reported that disabling USB selective suspend feature also fixed their issue instant. The USB selective suspend mark allows the hub driver to suspend an individual port without affecting other ports on the hub. It is enabled by default in portable PC to support conserve power and support maintain a long battery life. This may persuade issues if Kindle is not connected correctly or Windows does not know it.

Press Windows + R to launch your PC Run application. Type “control panel” in the dialogue box and hit Enter.

Select “Hardware and Sound” from the list of categories.
Now click on “Power Options”. A new window will come forward consisting of all the power plans your PC has. Select the one you are by and click on “Change plan settings”.
Now to navigate to the advanced settings, click “Change advanced power settings”.
Search for USB settings from the list of options and click on it to expand. You will one more title named “USB selective suspend settings”. Click it again to expand and choose Disabled in both cases (On battery and Plugged in). Save changes and way out.
Now authority cycle both devices and check if this has solved the issue.