Kindle Books Not Showing Up ? Dial Now 1-844-375-4111

There might be a number of reasons for this, but it should be simple to decide. I did propose the following troubleshooting steps.

verify that your Kindle device is registered to the right Amazon account. You can do that each by loging into that account on the Amazon website and leaving to “Your content and devices” and then to the “your devices” tab. You should observe your Kindle there if it is registered to that account. I suggest you then also check your instructions on that account to make sure that the books were certainly prepared on that similar account.

You can also ensure the registration on the device itself. How you obtain there depends on the kind of Kindle, but usually the path should be somewhat like: Home Tab > Menu Tab > Settings  Tab > My Account  Tab> Registration. The email address and password used to register the device should be the similar as that of the Amazon.

If the device is registered to the right account then you just have to entrance the content you have ordered. On the device you can decide to either view what is on the device, or what is in the confuse. “Cloud” now refers to all the satisfied you have purchased on your kindle account. “Device” refers to every the pleased you have by currently downloaded next to your tool from the cloud. So, if you dont observe the book in “device” then tap over to “cloud” and you should see it there. Then you just tap the book and it should download to your Kindle.

If you have checked the registration on the device itself and established that the email address is exact, but you still dont find the books in “cloud”, then it’s possible that you have more than one Amazon account with the similar mail address. So the Kindle tool is registered to one account, but the books are orders on the other account. To verify this, sign in on the website and check “your devices” and “your content” (or your orders). If this indeed is the issue, then you should contact Amazon customer service for support. In many cases they may even repayment the books on one account so that you can re-order them on the right account.