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If you are facing problem sending or receiving payments, you have come to the correct place. In this step you will get answers to the mainly common questions our users have about using the Cash app.
If you can not get a recent Cash App deposit on your bank statement, the first position to verify is the Cash app balance. When you release the app, the dollar amount at the top of the display is money stored in the app.

To deposit the funds from your Cash app to your connected bank account.

Tap the dollar amount at the top of the home display.

Tap Cash Out > want your preferred deposit rapidity.

Use your Cash PIN or Touch ID to verify.

If your funds are not in your Cash balance, you can verify if they were sent to your debit card or bank account from your doings. To check your Cash app action.

Tap the clock icon in the greater right corner of the home display. Scroll to locate put. You will see the put listed as Cash Out and the linked bank or debit card. Tap the Cash Out to see the date and account where the funds were deposited.

If you have by mistake created more than one Cash account, there is a ability that your funds may be waiting in a second Cash account. several Cash accounts can be created when one account is created using you email address and the other account is linked with your account number.

In order to get these funds.

Sign out of the account you are presently signed into.

Login back into the app using your billing number or email address in order to cash out these funds.
To view both account iss alias and linked debit card, visit and sign in with your phone or email address. You can also log out and reverse into the Cash app with your email address or phone number to sight this.

If you did like to join your accounts into one to check any extra confusion.

From the Cash app, tap the icon in the better left corner.

Tap Personal to view the alias that are presently active.

Add any email addresses or phone numbers that are not presently displayed.

Once you have done this, double check that the right debit card is connected.

If the steps have not supported you locate your Cash fund, please contact our technicians.